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Our Mission

GeneDartec Inc. is dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative microbial technologies for the sustainable, economic, and eco-friendly production of industrially valuable chemicals. Our mission is to offer solutions that contribute to providing better choices to life.

Our Technology

GeneDartec Inc. develops robust industrial microbes to efficiently, economically, and eco-friendly produce value-added small molecules, encompassing commodity chemicals, biofuels, and drug precursors. Our approach integrates the latest principles in microbiology, metabolic engineering, and protein engineering, employing cutting-edge techniques for tailored genetic modification of target microorganisms. These engineered microorganisms excel in utilizing renewable feedstocks, enabling continuous and flexible production of target compounds to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

"Metabolic engineering is the practice of optimizing genetic and regulatory processes within cells to increase the cells' production of a certain substance."


The advent of metabolic engineering has been revolutionizing the way to chemical production. The latest advances in this discipline have extended the scope of target products from native metabolites to non-native and even non-natural compounds. Incresing number of chemicals produced by metabolically engineering microorganisms significantly alleviate the reliance on petroleum-related traditional chemical industry. A new Era of Biotechnology is coming.


Renewable & Sustainable --- Utilization of renewable carbon sources, such as sugars and biomass

Envionmental Friendly --- No contamination caused by toxic raw materials, catalysts or side products

Productive & Economic --- Dramatical reduction in cost with efficient bioprocess and low-cost raw material

Our Value

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